Clapping hands

Hi there, my baby is exactly 9 months and doesnt show any interest in clapping hands. Anything to concern? What to do to stimulate him to clap. I have done the singing and everything . He responds to his name , whenever people called his name, he will answered ‘ouuuu’, likes to waive and call his cousins or other kids to play with him and very friendly and smile to anyone who called him.Whenever he doesnt like a thing or he is full , he will shake his head to say no . He is babbling waaaawaaaawaaaa and sometimes if people talk to him, he will respond with the babbling . If i make funny sounds , he will follow to make the sounds and laugh himself. He is close to his grandmother ( not the same house with us), whenever he saw his grandmom, he will crawl directly to her to ask her to carry him and called out ‘ ouuuuouuu’ .Recently, i found him like to point to something he wants . Oh, he has just teething recently and suddenly become a bad sleeper.

I have asked my DSA and he said nothing to worry about it . I just wondering what do you guys think? I am first mom and sometimes just stress out and overthink, my husband keeps telling me not to worry about him and he was fine and a healthy baby . Thank you

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It sounds like your baby is right on track!! Clapping typically begins around 9 months, but for many it can take an extra few weeks. Considering he is doing so many other social and motor skills as he should be, there’s nothing to worry about. Some skills just take a bit more time.

Gently helping him clap to show him the motions is a good idea. But only in fun-hell get there soon!

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Thank you!! It seems like im too overthinking :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:. Thank you :kissing_heart:

We all overthink at times!!! That’s what we’re here for :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I absolutely agree with @tots-allison! It sounds like he is communicating in many ways i.e. waving, babbling. Each milestone and mini milestone is a loose guideline and usually we use them to show a progression of development.

Try clapping as you’re playing with him… imitation can go a long way in these situations!

Agree with things said above. Will your baby hold an object in each hand and bang them together, or imitate banging together if you demonstrate? It’s another way to encourage hands coming together at the midline.


Interesting, i hv ever saw him done those move, with 2 blocks smashing it together, but i just realise this two weeks, if he is happy or heard his favourite songs, he will slap one of his hands on his thigh when he sit down and smile . I will try to encourage him again. Meanwhile, now he likes pointing, he keeps on pointing to everything he saw and try to get everything he saw