Chubby baby & delayed milestones

Is there a correlation between chubbier babies and delayed milestones? My baby is the cutest chunky monkey and so delicious, but isn’t so motivated to move around. Friends keep telling me that’s normal for target babies-is that true?

Hi! I honestly don’t know if there is research showing delays for chubbier babies. From my practice I have found it has to more with motivation to move. Some kids are more ‘content’ and you may have to work harder to find what motivates them. I’m assuming your little one doesn’t have low muscle tone, because that goes with delayed milestones. How old is your little one and what are they doing? We have also been working on a questionnaire to support families on when they should be concerned. It’s still in the beta form but I’m happy to share it with you if you let me know how old your little one is!

Thanks for the reply! My baby is 14 months and not yet walking. He cruises, but is definitely not super motivated to move around-when I toss a toy he’s playing with to the other side of the playroom, he just picks up another one that’s close by. The doctor hasn’t mentioned low tone and he met his earlier milestones like rolling and crawling on time, but he crawled on the later side.

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That’s great that he’s doing all those things! It sounds like he is on track and just may walk a little later. Instead of having him go across the room create opportunities for him to go short distances where he will let go and transition to a new surface. I have a bunch of highlights on my instagram about standing balance and walking that may help. We also have a 6 week program that gives one exercise to focus on each week to help progress to independent walking (and it’s on sale until tomorrow!).

My niece has been really slow to meet milestones and is also on the chunkier side-but my sisters pediatrician had more of a “wait and see” approach and said heavier babies can sometimes be more delayed. Should she see a PT?

I would want to know more about her age and what she is doing before offering up an opinion.

I absolutely agree with @Starfishtherapies- motivation is what its all about and the opportunity for floor time play. I have heard many people say that the size of a baby plays a big role, but there are bigger babies who reach their milestones on time or even early and some really teeny babies who reach milestones on the later end. Unless there is a specific reason the baby is struggling-insufficient strength, low tone, a neurological condition etc., size alone should not be the reason for delayed milestones.

Mary and I just launched a podcast where we interviewed @BreeMilani about how freedom and opportunity to play on the floor in open spaces can have a very positive effect on reaching milestones-maybe you can get some tips from the discussion.

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@Starfishtherapies is right-there can be so many factors contributing. Speaking to the pediatrician further about concerns could be helpful. I also am a big advocate for mom gut-if your sister is concerned, then an evaluation through the state’s Early Intervention program or a local clinic could help asses the situation better. Good luck!

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