Certified Child Sleep Consultant

Hi everyone,

My name is Johanna Snyder and I am Certified Child Consultant and the owner of Sleep Soundly Consulting. I was certified through the Family Sleep Institute, a comprehensive, evidence-based sleep program. I work with families who have children ages 0-10, in order to find the best possible sleep solutions for each child.

My number one goal is for children to have safe and restorative sleep. In order to create the best plan for each family, we work together to discuss current sleep issues, goals, and parenting styles. During our consultation we cover topics such as night wakings, nap and bedtime battles, sleep schedules, or learning to self-soothe. We work together to create a plan that meets the child’s needs and your parenting styles.

During the sleep training process I provide unlimited support through phone calls, texts or emails. This allows me to coach, support, encourage, and trouble-shoot with families throughout the day.

Sleep training is a process, but I will be there for you throughout our time together.

If you are interested in sleep support please reach out to chat. You can check out my website: www.sleepsoundlyconsulting.com, email me: johanna@sleepsoundlyconsulting.com, or call: 917-558-3488.

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