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Brittany Zis PT, DPT, C/NDT

Hi Everyone! I am pediatric and women’s health physical therapist treating infants and young children as well as prenatal and postnatal clients in and around North Atlanta, GA. I am NDT certified and previously worked in a pediatric comprehensive inpatient rehab unit for several years before transitioning to my own practice. I provide both physical therapy and wellness services. My practice is mobile so I go to my client’s homes. I am also available via telehealth! Happy to be connecting with you!

I can be reached at:

Brittany Zis

@drbrittanyzis Telehealth is very much needed right now! And it’s so wonderful that you span the age ranges from pregnancy, postnatal, and infancy. I never realized how important women’s health was when it comes to pelvic floor and physical health until I had my own children. Welcome! :slight_smile: