Bringing a new sibling into the family

Im w/ baby #2 (boy) in a few weeks and my son is 3.5 yo- he’s the only grandchild on both sides so he’s got LOTS of undivided attention. Any tips on helping the transition to big brotherhood go smooth(er)?

Hey there! I see you posted this a while ago and i don’t know if you had your baby yet (congratulations!) but I will say that I believe our kids really follow our leads-if you act like a baby brother is the best present your son could ever get and talk about the baby very positively, that will for sure rub off.

For sure if your son needs some extra cuddles and regresses to baby talk etc. you can indulge him, but making sure not to sound apologetic or sad on his behalf will translate to his attitude (IMHO)

Good luck!

I agree totally with @lilakole!

When I had my third and fourth (my first two are twins), we just acted like they were supposed to be there-no negative talk at all or sounding like we were worried. In a matter of a few days, it was as if the new baby had always existed.

It definitely depends on the temperament of your child-but your attitude 100% affects the outcome.

If you’ve already given birth congratulations!! We brought home #4 about six months ago and her brother was 3 at the time. It was definitely a big change for him (even though he has two older siblings). He was super traumatized but the fact that I wasn’t at home for three days and had trouble falling asleep if I wasn’t sitting next to him. He went through some regression with bed-wetting and because we were stuck at home for two months, also started using his pacifier during the day. It was rough! But… like the other moms said here, your attitude has a huge influence on how the big brother accepts the new baby. It’s important to remember so use positive language and to try and meet the older ones needs before the baby’s.
I remember the transition between #1 and #2 and that was the most challenging!!! It took about six months before I felt like the house was calm again - I was calm again!! It takes a lot of patience, watching the way you say things and promoting a healthy and loving relationship between the two little ones.

Today, my kids really care about each other. My 3 yr old comes to get me when the baby is crying because he’s genuinely worried about her! It’s adorable!

Try to enjoy the good parts and remember that it WILL get easier.

Good luck!!!

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Thank you all so much! My new baby is just 2 weeks old and we are overall doing well. I totally see what you mean in that my energy and attitude and the way I talk can affect my son’s feelings towards the baby. There have been a few hurdles to overcome and we’re still all adjusting, but overall big brother seems to be doing ok. Occasionally he says he wants a bottle or paci like the baby, but I’m pretty sure that will pass right?