Breastfeeding and an iron intake

Hi there!
My son is almost 11 month old and he has very low iron and ferritine since forever (first diagnosed at 7 m.o.). We tried different medicine and numbers are increasing little by little, so after a 4 month fight we managed to almost reach the bottom of a laboratory norm. =)

The haematologist doctor said we need to cut breastfeeding during the day and have only night feedings so the baby will eat more normal “iron” food during the day, in addition to his medicine. I was planning to breastfeed as much as baby wants and wasn’t ready to wean during the day. Before that we just tried to have 30 min - 1 hour interval between food and a breastmilk so not to intervene with the absorption of iron.

Can somebody please provide any gentle weaning/cutting the feedings tips, second opinion or maybe just your favourite recipes for the iron-rich food? Anything goes!

Check for lead poisoning,

My son had low-normal iron at his 12 month check. Following the advice of our pediatrician, we simply added in an iron supplements while trying to push high iron foods. I did not change my breastfeeding frequency (several times during the day and night) and he was back within normal within 1 month. We were able to wean him off the iron supplement withing 2 months which my pediatrician said she had seen often in the past.
If breastfeeding is important to you, you may select to add something to his intake rather than remove the feedings. (Of course check with you Ped too)

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