Bothersome shirts

I’m really struggling to get my son to wear a shirt. He says the neck bothers him when it moves. It feels like it is falling down. I’ve tried every shirt style possible. Any ideas to help?

Hey!! So glad you asked this question because sooooo many kids struggle with the comfort of their clothing. Have you tried going a size smaller?

Let’s see if some others can offer tips as well.

@Alinclusivetherapy @BreeMilani @OT.ideas.for.littles @Otholly @OTRoxx9984 @OT-Philippines do any of you have suggestions for this mom?

My niece was very specific when it came to her clothing and my sister in law always bought her under armor clothing because it didn’t have the seams. It seemed to work for her!

@Joy I was just going to say something similar to what @girlmom just mentioned. I’ve found that kids who have some clothing or fabric sensitivities do well with the dry fit types of clothing styles. They seem to be more comfortable and they don’t have the tags that can be itchy and annoying. Another brand I like is SmartFitKids. They don’t have seams or tags. They have an amazon store if you’re interested. :slight_smile: Let us know how it goes!

Thank you. We will give those a try. He wears dry fits when he has to have a shirt on like going to the store. He is not a fan of smaller shirts. I’m not sure he is going to like the compression. I bought some pjs and he didn’t like it being tight. He also struggles with toe walking. I think it’s a sensory thing, but I’m struggling to figure out the cause or how to help him past it.