Boppy for tummy time

Is there a specific model that’s best for tummy time? There’s the luxe positioner and then the classic boppy… any insights? The “luxe” one looks more square shape than the original - is one more ideal for tummy time?

Definitely the original! Also you can use it for supine play to help with reaching and later you can use it for sitting (put it around the front of them early on and then behind them later!)

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Thanks so much!

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The “luxe” must be relatively new because they did not have all these choices when my kids were born. I trust @Starfishtherapies’ opinion for sure!!

When I looked up the differences, it sounded like the main difference was the fabric covering the boppy. Not sure if that’s the only one. I definitely had success with the regular boppy for all the points @Starfishtherapies made :blush: