Bike and handwriting gift suggestions for 4 YO

Hello - im looking for two specific recommendations for our 4 YO daughter who has gross motor delays, some fine motor delays and overall lacks confidence in her abilities (note we are currently in child development review for high anxiety or high functioning autism)

  1. A Bike or something age appropriate - im nervous that she won’t like a balance bike because its “too wobbly” or she’ll think she’s “not doing it right” I normally would just pass on this toy but she did get a bit sad last year when she didn’t have a bike during bike week at school. I was thinking a plasma bike/car but not sure

  2. handwriting helpers - she get incredibly nervous with handwriting because of “not doing it perfect” she shown massive improvements with using the white board at school and was soo excited to trace her name while dipping her finger in a stamp pad at school. we have a white board easel already but any of those tracing boards a good idea?

Thank you so much for reading this lengthy post and any suggestions you may have :slight_smile:

Hey @beckys! Here are a few links to products I recommend to help your daughter have fun and enjoy riding around-

I love the plasma car you mentioned-it’s fun, kids enjoy so that’s a great option! It doesn’t involve movement from the legs so that’s both good and bad for kids who struggle with GM activities-good so they don’t have to coordinate their upper and lower bodies and bad because its not challenging them to coordinate their upper and lower bodies :blush:

Another option is a 3 wheeled scooter-they are pretty stable and children can enjoy riding while they practice using their right and left legs separately and practice balancing.

I also love the ziggle-this is like the plasma car, but involves the legs a bit more to help steer-a great option!

And I know you said a balance bike might be difficult, but this one has wider wheels so if you think she can manage that, it might be an option

And one more option I have is a standard tricycle-it might take some practice to get going, but balance here is not usually an issue, but she would have to learn to pedal while steering at the same time, which can even take practice for kids who reach their GM skills on time as well.

Good luck and I’m happy to answer any further questions!
Lets see if some OTs can offer you some advice for fine motor toys-

@tots-mary @OT.ideas.for.littles @OTMamacita @BreeMilani @Sarak @StephOT

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I agree with all of @tots-allison’s ideas. I also think that a bike with training wheels is great too and can provide the confidence while getting the coordination practice of pedaling. It can also work on whole body strengthening.

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Thank you! I like the Ziggle so that there’s a little bit of coordination involved. We have a motorized 3 wheel scooter so that could be a good alternative too!

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Thank you! We’ll look at this too!

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