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Best Family Dinner Ideas/Recipes 🥘

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I love doing omelets for dinner :fried_egg: :egg: ! I add in cheese and milk (also a bit of salt) to make it extra protein rich. And then I slice up some baby tomatoes or steamed broccoli on the side-I find my kids don’t like when I mix those in, but when I separate them out they’re more likely to eat a few.

Taco night is a family favorite by us.

I use chopped turkey meat or lean beef and a packet of taco seasoning mix- sauté in a pan until cooked.
I cut up some cherry tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers and then offer the kids taco scoop chips (easier for kids to eat then the big taco shells) and our deal is for every chip they take, they need to put some meat and at least one vegetable on top-or the side.

We all look forward to Taco Tuesday every week

I just started making my kids pita dinners a few different ways and they’re loooving them!

I buy whole wheat pitas and then fill them with schwarma seasoned cut up chicken cutlets, some hummus, and a bit of lettuce (if requested). Super filling and healthy!

The other option is pita pizza-so easy to make fresh because my kids don’t like reheated frozen pizza. I stuff a half whole wheat pita pocket with a bit of marinara sauces and mozzarella cheese and heat up for 30-45 seconds in the microwave and my kids devour it!

Ground Turkey sloppy joes were a hit last night.
The Daphne Oz recipe for turkey broccoli meatballs is so good too!


@Boymom3 Those sound delicious! Can you taste the broccoli is in the meatballs? I love sneaking veggies into meals (especially for my son)!

Some of my favorite, go-to, easy dinners for busy weeknights are sheet pan dinners. I literally throw some chicken legs or thighs, baby carrots, and some cut up potatoes on a sheet pan, drizzle some olive oil/salt/pepper and bake. The flavors all marinate together and it’s easy clean up too!