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Benefits of a toddler trampoline?

My third son is turning 2 soon and I always struggle with gifts for him (all the hand me downs one could need and we have been limiting excess toys anyway).
I’ve been contemplating one of those toddler trampolines with the bar on it for him. But I also don’t want something taking up space and not being used. Anyone have one? Was it a hit?

I don’t personally have one, but we’ve been to several friends’ houses who do. They definitely do take up space, but kids always seem to enjoy jumping on them. And they make great additions to obstacle courses. :star_struck:

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My daughter had one and loved it. But after a while, she would try to flip over the handle and it would drive me crazy. :crazy_face: It does take up a decent amount of space though. If you have a playroom or a basement, I think it’s great!

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We have one at the clinic and several families have bought them for home. They are great if your child likes jumping and has lots of energy! It’s not worth it if it is something you would have to entice your child to use all the time. There are some where the handle can come off to make it easier to store. I’ll be honest though, we bought an ‘adult’ one and a toddler one for the clinic and the ‘adult’ one gets used way more often.