Being a new mom is harder than I expected

Hey mommas!

I gave birth to my first about 6 months ago. I was so ready to be a mom and literally counted down every day of the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Since I’ve had him, I really enjoy feeding times and playing with him and he’s generally a pretty easy going baby, but I sometimes feel super lonely. Not a lot of my friends have kids yet and my mom and sister work full time so aren’t around during the day to chat. When my husband gets home after work I’m so grateful for another adult to talk to, but I find myself having nothing to really tell him because all my days are basically the same.

Does anyone else feel like this? Is this normal?

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Hello! What you’re feeling is completely normal so, don’t worry mama. Try yours neighborhood park. That’s a great way to meet new friends with toddlers and babies. Our public library had baby story time days where parents meet to chat, play with the little ones and of course the coffee lol. Maybe see if your library had a similar program.
Also, their are great apps that connect neighbors, (e.g. nextdoor) maybe try finding some mamas and plan olay dates. Hope this helps! Good luck


I’m naturally very shy so making friends is super hard. I’m a stay at home mom so I get very little adult interaction too. Even being highly involved in a church congregation where I met several other new moms, I still found that none of them would reach out like I imagined they would. I went through a period of social anxiety… but eventually I was so lonely that I started reaching out just once a week to anyone I knew with kids and inviting them to the park. My baby is 1 now and I have been able to connect with other moms and have regular get togethers! For me there was not a quick fix because I am so shy but it did get better with time!!

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Love the idea of looking into library classes-they probably do have some by me. Also, I never thought of using an app. Super interesting and very “now” :blush:. I need to check it out. Thank you!

I’m so impressed that you pushed yourself to make such an effort. I appreciate hearing that I’m not the only one who has struggled making new “mom friends”. I have friends from college and work, but now that I’m a mom, I just want to talk to others who care about diaper brands and which laundry detergent smells best :see_no_evil: And people who does not have kids do not want to talk about those topics-at least I didn’t before now!

But there are a few people I can probably reach out to and try to form new connections. Is it better to call or text? I don’t want to be pushy, but texting is not as personal for friendship building. What did you do?

When I had my twins, we were living in an apartment in NYC and I also had very few friends with kids. While I had a schedule of taking walking and feedings, I also got super lonely. There was actually one coworker who had her first baby a few months before me and once a week we started going for walks in the park. We weren’t so close while we worked together, but now that we had this connection, I reached out and asked her to go for a walk, and it ended up turning into a weekly date. I looked so forward to that one hour a week-she didn’t even realize how much. After a few months we both moved, but still keep in touch and continue to see each other a few times a year with all our kids together.

Similar to @Kmd24, a little bit of effort towards one or two people can make a huge difference. I also at the time never thought of library classes etc. so that’s a great suggested from @Esma.

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It can be hard. I’ve found some of the local moms Facebook groups have been helpful especially for getting out and walking. Someone will post about getting together and people show up. It’s been really nice! We also do swimming so I’ve met some other moms that way. It can be hard to reach out but I try to imagine that other moms are thinking the same thing.

that’s actually so nice! It’s crazy to think back and remember that Facebook groups weren’t really a thing 9 years ago when I became a mom.

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I’ve been feeling this way too. Checking out some of the local groups seems to be a good idea.

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@mom_carly4 As new moms, I think we’ve all been there! It’s such a HUGE adjustment of becoming a new mom. I’m not sure if it was the hormones or the lack of sleep, but I had a really hard time with the transition. If I could talk to my younger self during that time, I would’ve talked to others about it more, so I think it’s awesome you’re bringing this up. I also really like the idea of hooking up with other new mommas to take a walk, exercise, and just chat. We need to help and support one another!