Bearing weight on arms

6mo will not bare weight on her arms. She will on her elbows but for short periods of time. Please advise?

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Him, thanks for reaching out. We often hear this from parents. Here is a post I did that offers some ideas for you to help your little one. Here are a few instagram posts with some ideas too!

Hopefully some of these ideas will help. Let us know how it is going!

Hi @Septmom, welcome!

Usually around 6 months we do want to see babies push through their arms while on their bellies, which we call prone extension. Is your baby mobile in tummy time? Is she able to pivot while on her belly, or unweight one of her arms to reach for a preferred toy?

Thank you so much for the responses.

Yes she can pivot. Yes she will reach for toys. We are already in PT since she was born a month early and adjusted age 5months.

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We don’t see PT being helpful.

I’m sorry you don’t see PT being helpful. Is there another PT you can ask for? Is she starting to roll yet?
We also have our gross motor programs that work on specific skills and rolling covers pushing up as well (so does our tummy time one but I think she might be past that) and you can get the virtual check ins which gives you access to a PT to help trouble shoot.
We also have a lot of resources in this blog post that may be helpful Developmental Milestones Round-up

Yes, she rolls! Thank you for the resources.

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Since she is 5 months (adjusted age), she may be almost ready to push up into the prone extension position!

Definitely check out some of those resources that @Starfishtherapies suggested! Keep us updated! :slight_smile:

Just want to say thank you! For you it may be a simple response but for me its some comfort. I follow you on IG too! Kindness matters and I am so grateful to have found this avenue!

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So glad this community has been helpful for you :heart: