Baby tensing up

Hi there, I had a question about my 11 month old. have you seen any babies tensing up when excited? I’m noticing him tensing up when he’s excited or frustrated. Once I give him whatever he’s asking for, he calms down and doesn’t do it again. He’s meeting all of his milestones. Maybe it’s just first time mom jitters lol. Looks like this pic I found online

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Hey there! My daughter would tense up her muscles when she was excited and now she’s a perfectly happy, healthy young girl. If he’s meeting all of his motor, social, and speech milestones, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you feel like it starts to interfere with his play, he can’t break the tensing pattern, or he begins to regress, then I would reach out to your pediatrician. :two_hearts:

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I agree with @tots-mary. I would only worry if it starts to interfere with play and movement. Since he can turn it on and off it based on the scenario it’s less concerning. If he didn’t have control over it I would look into it more.

sounds like he found a way to communicate with you and it’s working! Babies learn to get their points across and he sounds like a smart little guy that he figured it out. If you notice any other tensing that prevents him from getting on during the day or holding his breath, mention to your pediatrician.

He’s a cutie!!! Enjoy him

Thank you so much for responding. It can be so overwhelming as a first time mom. You really feel like you’re over analyzing everything. I’m happy for platforms like this one!

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That makes sense. Today he didn’t do it, maybe he was excited for his veggie puffs lol.

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I’m so glad we’re here to help you!!

I had all these same jitters when I became a mom-its so normal! This community is amazing for moms like us