Baby refuses to roll

Hi, my 5,5 month old refuses to roll over, he also hates tummy time he just screams until I pick him up. I tried leaving him, he gets beyond upset. I keep trying at different times of the day, show hkm his fav toy, nothing gets him to move. He sits perfectly, wamta to stand hilding onto things and goes to his tummy frim a sitting position

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Hi, it can be so hard when your little one doesn’t like tummy time. I would encourage you not to give up. Here are some tips for helping:

I really like to do it for short periods of time and don’t ‘rescue’ them by picking them up, help them to roll out of tummy time and cheer for them. Here is a post on this idea:

I’m also sharing our developmental milestone round up that has so many resources for rolling and tummy time including youtube playlists and our self paced programs.