Baby not rolling from tummy to back

Hi, my daughter just turned six months and she does not roll from her tummy to her back. I’ve been practicing with her while she’s awake rolling back-and-forth.

The scary part is during her sleep now she will roll from her back to her tummy, but doesn’t roll back. I’m scared that she’s smothering her face. She’ll get frustrated and most of the time starts crying. I’ve been going in her room and rolling her on her tummy. Should I let her be? There’s nothing in the crib just her with her sleep sack on.

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Hey there and thanks so much for this question. The current recommendation is that once a baby is able to independently roll to his tummy he can sleep there.

Here’s a great article for reference!

Also, check out our rolling highlight on IG for some more information

Our babies on the move course also has extra rolling tips as well as a lot of other simple tricks and tips to support your baby’s first year of development :slight_smile:

I agree with @tots-mary about once they can roll they can stay asleep!

Here is our Developmental Milestone Round up that has lots of ideas about rolling as well as link to our self paced rolling program and our youtube playlist!Developmental Milestones Round-up