Baby not lifting her weight on forearms

My 7.5 months old has been army crawling on her elbows from last 1.5 months … recently started to lift her weight on knees but the upper body is still on elbows…it looks lopsided. I tried to keep her arms straight but she is not willing. Also she doesn’t want to sit though can sit for 10 minutes when watching tv. Please kindly help.

Sorry for my bad English I’m not a native speaker.

My son start army crawling around 7 months. Pushing up and swaying on hands and knees at 8-8.5 months. Would occasionally take one or two paces forward and go into arm crawling at about 9 and now at almost 10 months finally started full blown crawling. What really helped him push up to hands and knees more often was obstacles. We got him this children’s factory foam obstacle at 9 months and he loves it ! Climbs all over it stands pulls himself up. really believe it help strengthen all those muscles needed to crawl

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Hey! I’m also a non-native speaker and my baby also had a problem with pushing on arms!

I saw some great tips about extended arms here:

What really helped us is playing on elevated surfaces, like my leg or pillow. It was easier for him to push himselfup with a belly support, then I gradually moved my leg down and down to his legs, to create a challenge every time.