Baby not crawling!

Hi there! My little one is 11 months . Soon to be an year old . All he does is army crawl not on his toes properly. He started this army crawl one month still continues with it. Recently he started to sit on his own .he doesn’t stand himself yet nor walk . Any tips plz ?


Usually we tell parents that if their little one is army crawling for more than a few weeks, or if they baby is super efficient at it and doesn’t seem to be progressing onto all fours, it’s probably best to chat with a local pediatric therapist for more detailed guidance. In the meaning, you can attempt to facilitate play in the hands and knees position. I’m going to share some reels that you may find helpful! Keep us posted! :slightly_smiling_face:

Should i check the reel on instagram ?

Check out kinactivekids on instagram!

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Def check out the reels Allison wants you to check out. Here is another

My favorite activities to help progress to crawling, although very hard, are wheelbarrow walking on hands with your help and pushing a stainless steel bowl or stool around on knees.

When you work on arm strength in the wheelbarrow position you can strategically place hands where they need to go under baby’s belly moving down towards their hips as upper body gets strong :muscle:
Initially, they may not be able to actually walk on their hands do to not enough strength and need to just “plank” and play !

When pushing a bowl/ stool around , their arms should be straight.
Hope this helps!

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Hey @Sowmya25. If your baby just started sitting around 10 months and has not pulled to stand yet, it’s probably worth an in person evaluation with a local PT.

All the reels that have been shared so far are helpful tips!

I want to add that we’re looking for several things when babies are crawling on all fours. They need shoulder/ back strength, core strength, and hip strength. All this helpful them maintain the all fours position and then to move forward.

Before baby can move forward on all fours (quadruped), we need stability first which @tots-mary referenced in one of our reels.

Playing over your leg as shown in that reel is helpful to build that stability before trying to move forward. Like this:

Low kneeling while playing is also a great way to build hip and core strength like this:

Hey allison thank you. We contacted our family doctor . She was not worried about it . She mentioned some doesn’t crawl and go straight to walk . Currently hes 1 year old . Doesnt stand and walk yet but trying to get up just trying . My question is will he be able to crawl currently. He sits on his own but whenever i try to lay him down for crawl ne never crawls and sits and hops . This is my concern . Whenever i take him outside . Hes unable to crawl or climb through stairs . Is there any course available. I would like to purchase

Yes we have our course, babies on the move that covers all the milestones of development!