Baby not bouncing in supported stand

Hello! My almost 8 month loves to stand supported on my lap, but he never bounces up and down. Is this typical? He’s not generally stiff, kicks his legs all the time while sitting and laying down, brings feet to mouth, etc. we’ve been working on some supported quadruped to work on crawling skills and he seems to resist pulling his knees under him, too.

Hi @Mrsh!!

At 8 months he might not have enough hip and core strength for support and need to lock out to stabilize himself in standing.

I would focus on maintaining quadruped and hopefully 4 point crawling soon. If he is resisting bringing his legs under him, he made need some extra support to hold quadruped to build up that strength

Agree with @tots-allison. Also, I would see what he does when he pulls into standing on his own at a support surface. That will provide more stability and control that standing on your lap. And I would only do it if he gets himself into that position.


Thanks! He does the same when standing on the floor but since he’s not pulling to stand on his own I’m avoiding doing that for any length of time. He been enjoying when I put him in a high knee position to play on top of a box or cushion and I hope this is an Ok activity to do to build up hip strength. I should add that he was born with mild hip dysplasia and was in a harness for the first 3 months of his life. Thankfully he’s cleared from treatment and his hips look great now! But obviously hip health is important to me (hence we are avoiding jolly jumpers/exeraaucers) and spend most of our time free playing on the floor.

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Thanks! We do a lot of play where I put him over my shin in a supported quadruped. Any other ideas are appreciated! He’s finally tolerating being on his tummy for more than 2 minutes so I’m taking advantage of that!

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