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Baby moves to extension when being held face-in

Hi, I have noticed my 4-month-old goes into extension when I hold him against my body. He will not rest his head against me and I notice his neck, shoulders (more right but both), and sometimes hips all extend out and away. When I turn him face out he seems to go back to neutral/gentle flexion at the joints. He brings hands to mouth, reaches for and grabs items, does tummy time, rolls back to tummy, great tracking, etc. Not sure if I’m overthinking things or if this resonates with anyone…any thoughts/suggestions appreciated.

Are the arms in high guard or are they extended down? What does he do if you support his back when faced in? How much support does it take to get him to relax? How does he do in a carrier?

My niece used high guard a lot but she didn’t do any tummy time and had not great core control. She was all about flexion so she didn’t know how to handle a position that encouraged extension. Your guy doesn’t sound like it is the same but just curious about some of the questions above!

Thanks for responding.

They are not in high guard. More internal rotation and extension at the shoulder and extension at the elbow joint.

I always support his back, but he seems unsettled in this position regardless. It’s odd because I used to have him face-in in the carrier often, and he loved it, but haven’t used as much recently as he has gotten older/I’ve done more prone/supine play rather than lug him around. I have trouble getting him to relax at all facing in, no matter what I do to soothe, support, etc. Again, once I face him out, have him sit on my lap, he does fine.

Maybe just a personal preference? I just think the positioning of his arms seems unnatural and my first never did that or responded so strongly to these varying positions.

I would say that if there aren’t any other signs it may be a positional preference. I would keep an eye on it but keep attempting to introduce the position as able. Keep us posted but it sounds like he’s doing great in all other positions!