Baby lead weaning?

Hi everyone!

I recently found out that I’m pregnant again! :slight_smile:
I’ve been doing tons of reading because I feel like things change so quickly. I came across baby led weaning and I’m intrigued! Anyone have any tips, resources, or experience with this approach?


We are using the baby led philosophy (so is my sister, and in many ways, our families and children are opposites). Best parts:
*You get to watch your child learning new skills every day!
*You can see your baby’s personality in their hierarchy of foods, based on what they pick first off their plate (at our house, there is a strong correlation between what gets eaten first and things that stain easily).
*From the beginning, your baby can eat from what the family eats (with a little planning ahead - our second week, I wasn’t thinking and cut carrots for a stew into small pieces, instead of into longer pieces that she could pick up :woman_facepalming:). I have never fixed a food “just for the baby.” Sliced something thinly or pulled some out before adding a spicy sauce or fished out the contents of the soup, yes. But no separate preps.
*Your baby feeds themself. You need to be present for safety reasons, and you will have to help them load their spoon (for things like yogurt or oatmeal) or retrieve dropped bits for round two, but you can eat your own meal while they eat their meal.

By far my favorite resource is Solid Starts. They are on Instagram, but the best part is their free app with guidelines for preparing a couple hundred foods (and counting!) in age/development appropriate ways (to minimize choking risk and so baby can succeed otherwise- picking it up, getting bites, etc.) from 6 month olds to preschool.

Feeding Littles has some good help for teaching the mechanics of spoons and cups and addressing common toddler challenges, complete with hilarious videos.

I found that many other resources tended towards a vibe of “you must serve these foods in this order using these products” or focus almost entirely on the first few weeks.

Lily Nichols also has a few resources if you’re interested in deep dives into nutrition (her main jam is nutrition in pregnancy).

Hey @girlmom! Congratulations!!! We did a podcast with Kacie Barnes if @mamaknows_nutrition on IG that I think you might find helpful.

Solid Starts was amazing. And depending on how much research you want to do you and could just follow their IG amd utilize their free food database and other offerings to guide your way. OR if you rather purchase their content they off “The First 100 Days” which gives you a complete meal plan with recipes which includes introducing your baby to common allergens. Amazing content and very educational resource.
I did purchase their All Access pass, which gives other meal plans for snacks, lunches and dinners as your child grows.