Baby food-DIY or Store-bought?

Is there really a benefit to making your own baby food at home? And what foods do you give a baby who wants more solids but doesnt have teeth yet?

I have been doing my own only because it’s been easier. I will be honest I didn’t do a lot of research, just went off of my pediatrician’s recommendations and my guy is doing great so far. We started with bananas, avocados, and sweet potatoes. I also pureed some apples or broccoli or other things after I had steamed them. When we went to proteins I started with egg yolk mixed with avocado before I did scrambled eggs. We also did yogurt and smashed beans. Happy to answer any questions about what I did but I am not a feeding specialist, just a mom with a new eater! (and a PT)

Great question! Making your own baby foods helps expose baby to new tastes (because you can make tons of fun combos) and textures (because every batch is going to be a bit different). It also gives you the freedom to slowly progress tastes and textures to meet your child where they are and progress from there. Start with smooth purées and slowly add texture. Starting with a variety of flavors can help to expand your child’s palate. Store bought works too if easier, but feel free to add mashed foods and flavors to those as well. I liked to make a large batch of whatever was in season or I had extra of and freeze in ice cube trays. I would set them out and each made for a perfect serving!

And to answer what foods to give baby before teeth-the answer is most foods!! You can look into a baby led weaning approach or progress traditionally, starting with purées and slowly progressing to more textures. Babies can chew foods without teeth and need to to develop jaw strength needed to eat foods. I have an Instagram page with tons more information if that’s helpful :slight_smile: @playingatyourplate