Baby dinner ideas?

What do y’all make for dinner for your babies who are already eating table foods? My baby is 11 months, but still has so few teeth so I’m nervous about what foods are safe

As if dinner isn’t hard enough to think about for adults! lol

I typically make things like meatballs which can crumble in the mouth, chicken soup with lots of chicken and veggies so they’re super soft, quiches are great! Omelets cut into strips are also a go-to for me

Check out our podcast that we did we Kacie Barnes of

She gave some great suggestions!

I have been making turkey meatloaf with lots of veggies in it and turkey burgers with shredded apple and zucchini. Another go to is Salmon (buy frozen from Costco and then cook). I buy frozen veggie and heat them up. Lots of sweet potatoes and avocado. Scrambled eggs with almost every veggie in it is one of our go to’s!

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Love these ideas! I’m going to make them for my big kids

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Life is But a Dish on Instagram has great easy recipes!

@Starfishtherapies those turkey burgers sound delicious! I also love throwing leftover veggies into eggs. So good! :slight_smile:

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