Baby carriers

Can you talk about carrier time? Are those baby wearing carriers considered containers as well? I am seeing a lot of “I carry my baby for 5 hours a day it’s how I get things done!” And everyone agreeing and to me in yoga school we learned from our PT this could completely stunt growth right ???

Hi I’m new here, I believe that it depends on the type of carrier and how old the baby is. I got my baby one when he turned 6 months, that according to my husband and I won’t damage his hips or legs, let me see if I can share a pic.és-multifunción-estaciones-senderismo/dp/B07YFF7534

This is the one and he is already 1 year and 4 weeks and we keep using it.


Welcome to both of you!!

The way I look at carriers is similar to a stroller. They serve a great purpose of traveling around with your baby. And baby wearing also adds the benefits of close physical contact to the caregiver and great vestibular input with the slight bouncing and rocking as the caregiver moves around. So there are really wonderful things about baby wearing and a helpful way to calm baby while providing the benefits mentioned.

Like most other good things-there can be too much of it. Babies still need to be on the floor to get stronger for achieving their milestones and that won’t happen in a carrier. As long as there’s a balance throughout the day, baby wearing is totally fine and actually encouraged.


Thank you for your thoughtful response !

I was actually wondering about this as well because of all the posts and stories I’ve seen recently about avoiding containers, but then also about benefits of baby wearing so this actually really helped me understand this.