Autism Pragmatic Language Resources

My son is 4 and recently diagnosed with autism. Despite recommendations from SLPs, our insurance has denied him speech therapy for a pragmatic language delay. Do you have any suggestions for books or resources that I could use to help him at home?

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@mfop88. Hey there!! This is not my area of expertise but we do have some amazing SLP’s in our community. I’ll tag them! @Twowayspeech @Speechie.Morgan

Hi @mfop88. I’m sorry to hear that you are not receiving insurance coverage. I know it can be so frustrating. There are so many resources for a child diagnosed with autism, and since it is a spectrum disorder I would have to meet your son and learn about his strengths and weaknesses to help pick the perfect resources for you at this time. However, you mentioned that insurance is not covering pragmatic language delay. So I am going to focus on some resources that are helpful for pragmatic and social language.

  1. Go check out Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social thinking materials. She is an expert in pragmatic language skills. Her book “Thinking of you, Thinking of me” is wonderful. However, first I would check out their website since there are many really helpful articles on the site written about their approach. Also, get on their mailing list because they have some free webinars and check out their You tube videos.

  1. Also check out Carol Gray’s Social Stories books. Carol Gray helped to create social stories to help children with everyday situations and social situations.

  2. If you are looking for children’s books that teach some social skills, Julia Cook’s books are great. Some of her books include topics such as: personal space, when you are talking too much and not turn taking, and when sounds are too loud.

I hope this gives you a start. I would also go back to the speech-language pathologist who did the evaluation and see if they can provide you with more resources.

Thanks, Janice SLP