Asymmetrical crawling to normal walking gait

Hi everyone! My son (15.5months old now) started crawling at 10.5months… asymmetric crawling… started walking at 14.5months. If he decides (very rare) to crawl it’s still asymmetrical. He walks fine according to our eyes but should we get him assessed since he never crawled typically? Any help would be appreciated!! :blue_heart::heartpulse::blue_heart::heartpulse:

Ideally kids will crawl symmetrically but even if they don’t they can walk symmetrically. I think I would get him assessed if you notice him really favoring one side over the other or falling behind on milestones. It’s great that you are asking though and being proactive!

Agree with @Starfishtherapies. It could be nothing, but getting an eval can determine if there are certain muscles that are tight or weak.

Is there a history of torticollis or anything of significance from early on that could contribute to asymmetries?