Asymmetric crawler, 8 month

Hey everyone!
We have a little army crawler. He is 8 month old, and now it’s 1.5 month of his asymmetric army crawling. He uses only his right arm and leg to crawl. He also had a severe iron deficiency when he was 6 month old, so now it’s our 2nd month with iron medicine. He started to push himself on straight arms only after beign almost 7 month old. We visited physio therapist and pediatrician, they both said that other than iron deficiency he is fine and that everything will become symmetrical and normal when he starts to crawl on all 4. So we are working on that now!

I browsed all your Instagram accounts when he started to army crawl and tried to use every tip and trick I found there. And we had huge progress at first! He started to push himself on straight arms and then, 3.5 weeks ago, he started to stay in all fours and rocking in this position.

But since then we are on a plato without any progress(( and I will be really glad if you could give some advice for us! So, what we tried so far:

  1. He is crawling over my legs and other obstacles really fast, it became very easy for him, but he doesn’t use his left leg to do that(( Unfortunately, we don’t have any stairs here, but again I think he would be fine with just 1 right leg)

  2. he still doesn’t understand what to do when we pushing the box (and his legs almost immediately go into W position), even though we did it for quite some time, with me collecting his legs back again. No progress whatsoever ((

  3. He is ok-ish with the support under his belly. Can even crawl a bit. But when there is no support, he falls on his belly again to go somewhere) obviously, it’s much easier for him(( and if I don’t let him fall on a belly, he raises all his body parts in the air after a few steps and starts to swim! :smile:

  4. we didn’t use playing in tall kneeling much, because he cannot sit by himself yet.

  5. when I put an obstacle from a non-smooth surface like soft orthocarpets, so it would be impossible to belly crawl, he pushes on a straight arms and crawls on them. Without using his legs(((

Sorry for the huge wall of text, but now I have no idea what to do next( and his army crawling becomes faster and faster :smile:
Could someone link more crawling tips with the focus on legs? And/or correct our activities? What do you think, which one from those activities would be most helpful in our case?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi there! Just to clarify, you said he is not sitting independently yet?

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Hi, I saw you said you don’t play in high kneel because he doesn’t independently sit. I would do this at a stool or box even before he is independently sitting. I would also work on climbing onto things like cushions, etc. If you have stairs even better to practice crawling up so he has to use his legs. Although without seeing him it’s hard to give to many specifics. Here are some posts that may be helpful.

And here is our youtube play list for crawling

And our developmental milestone blog round up

And our gross motor program for crawling

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@tots-mary No, he is not( Our PT said it might be not safe to put baby in a sitting-like position before he is sitting by himself, she allowed us only 20 minutes per day for eating in a chair :smile: that’s why I wasn’t sure about the tall kneeling!

Thank you so much! This is really helpful. Unfortunately, we don’t have any stairs, and when he’s climbing on cushions he doesn’t use his left leg, but we are doing it a lot during the day!

Probably, I should be more brave with the tall kneeling thing :smile:

Hey everyone!

I’m here with an update! He crawled perfectly on all 4 on 8th May, one day before his 9 months birthday. And using both legs and hands! :stuck_out_tongue: it was less than 3 month of army crawl for him.

This tips became a game changer for us, wanted to share them:

  1. We got a small pilates ball, put some air out of it (to make it soft), and put it under the shirt of the baby! The idea is the same as in support under the belly with a fabric piece, but more convenient, because my hands stayed free and I could move crawling goals :smile:
    At first, he would fall on his side, but then he figured it out! He could crawl with a ball, but still preferred his belly, once we put a ball out, as a much faster way to move. So, then:

  2. Old non-smooth soviet carpet and naked belly finally sealed the deal! Even though his quadrupled crawling is slower, it became very uncomfortable for him to belly slide.

So, now I got a happy symmetric crawler, 9 month :slight_smile:


Yay! Thank you for sharing!

Yes! Thank you for sharing!!! :slight_smile:

How long is acceptable to give babies time to figure out how to not have an asymmetrical belly crawl? Does asymmetry crawl tend to lead to asymmetrical hands and knees crawl or not necessarily? I’m assuming crawling over obstacles such as pillows and legs should help?!?

Hey @Lingling20 ! First of all, I’m not a specialist, just a mother, so I will share my personal experience.

As I understood, asymmetric belly crawl does not lead to asymmetric hands and knees. And that it’s not necessary to “fix” the belly crawl (to make it symmetrical), but you can work on encouraging hands and knees right away. Like our pt said, “hands and knees will fix everything” :smile:

As for the timing, we started exercising a lot, using all the tips shared here (from the instagram) after around a month of the belly crawl (when I noticed that his speed became very high and that he is getting too comfy on his belly), and it took another month and a half to start crawling properly.

Crawling over obstacles is an amazing thing and I definitely recommend to start from that. Support under the belly worked for us too, but only for the very last stage (when the baby is perfectly stable and rocking in hands and knees, but doesn’t want to move in such way).