Asymmetric crawler, 10m

My foster daughter is 10 months and just started crawling. It is an odd crawl though. Internet search says it is an asymmetrical crawl (she is using one foot and the opposite knee to crawl). Are there any exercises I can do with her to help her correct to the more traditional crawling?

She had a PT and OT eval a few weeks ago and didn’t qualify for services, but wasn’t crawling at all at that time. She sits up well and is effective in getting places with this new crawl, but I’ve been reading that non-traditional crawling can lead to other issues or cause certain motor, brain connections not to form. So, I’m concerned I got her evaluated too soon and should be doing something with her to help her fix her crawl.

Picture to show her stance.

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Hi, thank you for reaching out! It’s great that you are on top of it! This is definitely not an ideal way to crawl but it is great that she is getting around and exploring! Here is a video I did with some ideas: What to do for the 'Funky' Crawl - YouTube

Some other posts that can help:
Side sitting to both sides.

I feel like i have more ideas but have to find them!

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Hi @Jamie_Russell! Love all of the ideas @Starfishtherapies suggested!

You’re right, we do want to encourage babies to crawl in the symmetrical 4-point pattern. Some things that I’ve done that have been helpful to facilitate a more symmetrical crawl are:

  1. playing in tall keeling- a small coffee table or the couch with the cushion removed can sometimes be the perfect height to play at in kneeling. This position encourages equal weight bearing and strengthing of the hip muscles

  2. With close supervision, allow a baby to crawl up the stairs using both legs alternately to advance to the next step

  3. Have baby push and empty diaper box while moving forward on the knees to practice the motor pattern. Baby may need a little help at first to slide the box with the arms while simultaneously moving the legs, but with practice, he or she should get the motor pattern down!!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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