Army crawling

Hi all,
First time posting and excited to be a part of this community. My almost 8MO just started doing this army crawl and only uses his left arm to push himself forward and reaches for whatever he wants with his right. He gets himself up on his hands and knees but then plops down to army crawl toward an object.
He rolls both ways, sits up on his own, and even gets himself into a half standing position—almost like a downward facing dog. I know he still maybe young to actually start crawling but I want to try and help him so he doesn’t just army crawl. Anyone have any tips?

Welcome @Swdc521!!! This is a great community and we’re so excited to have you here.

At 8 months, it’s very normal to see some interesting precrawling movements as your baby is figuring out how to coordinate all the different muscles groups needed to actually crawl forwards in the proper quadruped position.

It’s a great sign that your baby can hold that 4 point position, even if it’s just for a brief time at the moment.

One piece of advice to work on is to focus on stability before mobility. Helping him hold that position for longer to strengthen the muscles even more in the proper position.

This pic is a good example of that-playing with your baby over your leg so he has some support under his core but is strengthening his hips and arms

Playing in a low or tall kneeling position with a couch cushion and some toys will also help strengthening up those hips and core.

Let us know how these tips are going! We’re here for you :relaxed:

I agree with @tots-allison! Also here are some more things to help you find ideas! It’s our developmental milestone round up and we have a section on crawling as well as a link to our youtube playlist! Developmental Milestones Round-up Keep us posted!

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Thank you! I tried positioning him over my leg this morning and he just lunged forward and refused to keep his knees bent. I’ll keep working on with him a few times a week!

When he’s on his belly, is he able to push up on his arms so they are straight? If there is some weakness that is causing the army crawling, he may need some more specific tips. I’m always happy to set up a consult with you

He pushes up on his arms and stays on all fours for maybe 5-10 seconds before he straightens his legs and does like a downward facing dog position, he goes in and out of that position a few times then he reverts to the army crawl. I’m trying not encourage him to stand just yet but I would love to set up a consult! I’m a FTM and this all so new to me!

For sure! Here’s the form to fill out if you’d like to set it up Consultation Intake Form

You can help your little one stay in place on hands-knees over your leg with toys vertically in front or a book/ mirror etc where he’s happy just looking and eventually reaching/touching with one hand a time.” I often put a hand on their bottom and use my legs and hands to hold them in place to play, to experience good hands-knees “cube” position. This creates the stability that’s required for future mobility on hands-knees.