Arching back when laying down and playing

My sons a little over 4mos and he has rolled from both tummy to back and back to tummy. Sometimes while laying on his back on the floor, he’ll be kicking his legs and lifts the middle of his back off the floor. A good amount of time while he’s on the floor. Does this mean he’s uncomfortable or is this a normal movement?

Hi! Extension can be typical but if it is happening all the time it might not be. Does he go into flexion at all? Is he starting to kick his legs up? How is he rolling from back to belly? Is it through reaching and trunk flexion or is he using all extension? How much time does he spend in tummy time? Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure I give you the best response!

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Same questions as @Starfishtherapies. I typically assume that if a child looks happy and can get in and out of the position independently (in this case by rolling) then I’m not usually concerned. But if he’s not really able to flex his muscles and prefers to extend his back most of the time then it could be something to check into.

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Could I possibly send you a video through instagram messenger?

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Does the arching come on suddenly, or is it something he always does? Does he seem to be in pain? Does he make an uncomfortable face?

We were able to see video and it was more like bridging and lifting hips into extension. No concerns based on the video!