Almost 9 month old motor development

Hi, my baby will be 9 months end of this week. He started army crawling at 7 months and has gotten better but still does not hands and knees crawl. From sitting he often gets into hands and knees and rocks a bit and lately he started taking a few crawls forward but then plops and belly and army crawls forward. He also just started planning and doing downward dog pose. He also cannot get into sit unassisted (but can go to army crawling from sit). He is also just starting to pull up on things and can crawl over objects as high as 7 inches. He has been rolling both ways since 4 months. He has never been great at extended arms and I am wondering if he is “delayed” or should see a physical therapist. He did have plagiocephaly which we corrected mostly with at home exercises. Thanks for your help!

Hi @Sghalandari and welcome to the community.

It sounds like your baby is doing a lot of the things he is supposed to be doing and is motivated to move. Even though he’s army crawling, it’s a good sign that he’s getting up on all fours and started to move forward in that position, even though he doesn’t yet have the endurance to sustain it.

Crawling over things, as you said he can, is a great way to build muscle strength and promote that four point crawl. Have him crawl back and forth over your leg, over couch cushions, etc. throughout the day-put things in his way so he has to crawl over.

As for getting into sitting, many babies start doing that between 9-10 months so as long as he’s continuing to build strength to crawl and get onto all fours, that too should come.

If you don’t see progress within the next few weeks, seeing a PT could be very helpful in just giving some specific pointers or identifying any weaknesses that are preventing progress

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