All About Loveys

Lovey aka transitional object, sleep buddy, blankie, teddy are very helpful in providing your child with comfort when they’re missing you, especially when going through transitions (daycare, new sleep environment, etc.) and when they’re experiencing separation anxiety. A few things to keep in mind when introducing a lovey to your little one.

:teddy_bear:Wait until your child is at least 1 year old to introduce one. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics there should be nothing in your baby’s crib prior to this age.

:teddy_bear:Allow your child to pick out their lovey from a batch of toys. Maybe a gift from their first birthday, a stuffy from a trip to the toy store or a stuffed animal you had around the house.

:teddy_bear:Ensuring their lovey has no lights and doesn’t make any noise will avoid it from being a distraction at bedtime and naptime or interfering with sleep.

:teddy_bear:To encourage the bond, incorporate the lovey into bedtime and naptime routine. For instance, if you play peekaboo before bed, the lovey should play peekaboo, too. If you stroll around the room saying good night to favorite objects, the lovey should say good night, too. Be sure to tuck the lovey into bed with your little one too.

:teddy_bear:It can be helpful to keep it in your little ones crib, or at least away from their other toys to differentiate it as being a “special comfort item” and not just another toy.

:teddy_bear:Purchase a few extra loveys to have on hand for when one inevitably gets lost or ruined.

:teddy_bear:Children don’t always establish an immediate bond with their lovey, so be sure to continue to include it in bedtime and naptime routines and give it a solid few weeks.


Thank you for this! My daughter is almost 9 months and I was just at Target the other day looking at Lovey’s because I want to transition my daughter to her own room (she’s still in a pack and play in my room :grimacing:)

I saw a few different sizes. Is there a specific size you prefer?

And if you have any tips for the transition into her room, I’d love to hear. Thank you!

Hi! Just as an FYI loveys aren’t considered sleep safe until your little one is a year old, per the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Once she’s old enough to safely sleep with one I’d bring her to Target with you and have her choose the one she likes best (she may have a size or material preference).

As for transitioning her to her own room. I’d have her get comfortable in there during the day. Play some fun games in there with her, read books together in there. Start putting her for one of her naps in there. Once she’s more comfortable start doing all naps and night in there and if you want bring a mattress in and sleep on her floor for the first 2-3 nights to help her feel even more secure in her new sleep environment. I just wouldn’t recommend exceeding 3 nights on the floor because you don’t want her to become dependent on you sleeping in there.

Hope this helps :blush:

Oops! I definitely gave my baby a lovey before a year :woman_facepalming: yikes!