Acute Torticollis

I saw the post on torticollis today and am curious if you have any experience with acute torticollis in a 2 year old? She didn’t have it as a baby but recently was “stuck” laying supine and looking to the right. She would cry if she tried to move or if we moved her. We were given a diagnosis of acute torticollis but I thought torticollis was seen in infants and babies!?

Hey @EWuest! Typically the condition of torticollis doesn’t just appear in the toddler years. If there is a restriction, it could be a muscle cramp or some mild tightness due to sleeping positions, or something similar.

Generally for tight muscles, applying heat or a warm bath to soak the area can be very helpful to relieve tension. Gentle massage can also help as well.

With toddlers, we also like to try and motivate through vision to expand range of motion so blowing bubbles towards the opposite side or having a balloon toss can encourage rotation.

If the symptoms don’t go away in a few days or it looks like the child is in serious pain, the pediatrician should be consulted

Hope this helps!

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