Activities to boost sensory development

We all have 8 senses:

Touch :point_up_2:
Taste :yum:
Smell :nose:
Hearing :ear:
Vision :eyes:
Vestibular :woman_cartwheeling:
Proprioception :weight_lifting_man:
Interoception: :toilet:

Please hit the REPLY button to this post to share explanations and/or activities for any these senses. Please also identify which sense your activity targets!

Hey! I’m a pediatric PT, so here are some movement based activities I love using! Most of these activities use a combination of senses, vestibular and proprioception being most prominent. However, each activity can serve multiple purposes! Hope these help.

These are so great! Thank you for sharing them! The vestibular and proprioceptive systems are so important to develop for body awareness, spacial awareness, balance, and self regulation.

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I agree! Happy to share! All the sensory and motor systems are so entwined for little ones, working on one can impact the other so easily.

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