About Us - Meet the Tots On Target Team πŸ‘‹

Allison Mell, PT, DPT & Maryann Deutsch, MS, OT/L

When we first met back in 2012 working as therapists in a public school, we clicked instantly and became fast friends. Over the course of several years and talking through our own challenges of parenting, we quickly understood that when everyone collaborates, children benefit. It was from those early school experiences that we realized the need to apply this to a larger scale. Tots on Target was created as a way to bridge the gap between parents, teachers, and other pediatric professionals. By creating the TOT Community, we are establishing a place where we can all empower one another with a greater understanding of how children’s brains and bodies develop. For questions regarding milestones, to the latest sleep strategies and kid-friendly meals, the community forum truly is a place to join the conversation, gain valuable information, and share your own tips and tricks, to help all children reach their milestones.