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A concern for daughter

Hello there

Your post for toddlers walk is very useful for me so thanks and below is my concern
My baby girl is 14 months completed and now she can recognize 13 colours ,12 shapes,8 bodyparts, 9 wild animals and few home appliances. But my concern is she never sit still for 1 minute to answer the same.

Is it that she got less concentration and do I need to work upon it?!

Looking forward

@Bhumika_Pawar Hi! I think from what you’re describing, 1 minute of sustained attention is pretty typical at that age. Most young toddlers are on the go, exploring through movement. :grinning:

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@Momto2 is absolutely correct! Children have about 1-2 minutes per year of age of attention span. Your baby should be learning through play opportunities and her attention span will likely expand by a few minutes at a time as she gets older. :blush:

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Thank you very much for the assistance :full_moon_with_face::pray:

True that,now I am relieved upon this :relaxed:

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