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9mo over eager to stand/walk

My baby girl is just over 9 months old and is very eager to explore her little world. My concern is that she is pulling up onto furniture (and anything else she thinks is climable) but unaware that if she let’s go she will fall. I find myself scurrying around behind her to keep her safe. She is so confident. The other day she fell while my mom was watching her and she hit her head quite hard on the tiled floor. I know I cant always prevent her from getting hurt but is there a “tears-free” way to help her realise she can’t just launch herself around? How do I teach her to sit down again or keep her weight evenly on both feet. Or is this just something we have to trudge through with time until she’s more steady on her feet?

Hey @CaitlynLeigh! Sounds like your baby girl is ready to go! When babies are on the fast track in reaching these milestones, they sometimes need their safety awareness to catch up.

A few things you can do:

  1. Get a very large gate to surround an area that is really really baby proof. A soft rug, no sharp edges, etc. so she can feel free to roam and you can catch your breathe

  2. Physically help her lower herself slowly to the floor several times so she learns the motor planning-it may take time for her to get the hang of it, but physically helping her through the motions will help

  3. Remember that babies are resilient and this is not atypical in the stages of development. Most falls don’t cause serious harm (if you notice changes in your baby’s affect or sleep patterns, notify you dr ASAP) but covering tile with soft foam mats or carpet and covering sharp edges can help prevent real injuries, while letting a baby fall (safely). Figuring out how to balance and slow down is part of the learning process.

Thank you so much for the advice. Our house is very open plan making a gate a bit tricky to place so we might get a extra large play pen and put a soft rug, some ottomans and toys in there for her to play for short periods of time…I’m so aware of containers and dont want to limit her freedom of movement. Do you think that is okay to do? We found one that is 190cm x 120cm? I’m thinking I can let her play in there while I prepare dinner or if I need to do something around the house and then take her out to explore and play once I’m done and can give her my full attention again.
Such great ideas…I will start showing her how to get down and create a safe area for her to practice. Thank you again!

Totally understand. Here are two options to help keep your baby safe, but free to play

Here’s a video if you are looking for ways to work on getting down! Squatting and Getting Down from Standing - YouTube