9 Month Old Not Getting to all 4s

My son is 9 months old, steady in 5th percentile for height and weight (born 4lb9oz). His head circumference however is 95th percentile. I’m wondering if this is contributing…He rolls from back to tummy in both directions, from tummy to back in only one direction. If there is a toy barely out of reach he will kind of go on his side and stretch out, pushing off a foot and reach it with his hands. He sits up well, however he does not catch himself with his hands if he starts to fall to a side (he will just fall head first). He does not put much weight on his arms, and does not push himself up on his arms. He hated tummy time before 5/6 months and now that he’s rolling he can be on his tummy for a lot longer. I have tried to help him put weight on his arms by putting him over my leg but he gets upset quickly. Sometimes I can get him to bear weight on his hands but it is very brief. Should I be concerned? I am trying to trust every baby develops on their own time but I’m growing worried that he doesn’t have much upper body strength.

Hey @Kbnb - it is possible that baby’s head weight is a contributing factor, but it’s hard to say without seeing him in action.

It’s a good sign that he is rolling, but we’d like it to be more consistent at this stage, as well as his sitting skills.

We have lots of great tips in our babies on the move course that would probably be very helpful to you-especially in our new rolling module where we talk in detail about arm strengthening

Here’s the link to check it out-