9 month old not getting into sitting

Hi, my son is 9 months old and he haven’t started to get into sitting from lying down position but can get out of sitting. He have been army crawling for the last 2 months and pulls up on things not very high from the ground, like if we sit with him on his playmat he will pull up on our thighs etc. Should I consult with his pediatrician about the sitting part

Hi @ash, welcome! In general, moving from belly down position to sitting takes a lot of strength, co-contraction and motor control of the core muscles, and muscles surrounding the hips, and shoulders. Some play positions that may help with this movement are playing on hand and knees (quadruped) and side sitting (to help strengthen the core/postural muscles) These positions will also help with traditional crawling on hands and knees, too! Any therapists have some pictures and/or resources on side sitting and play in quadruped? @tots-allison @Starfishtherapies @BreeMilani @Alinclusivetherapy @Tinytotspt @magicmomentstherapy

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I would definitely try this, how long after doing the exercise should we see an improvement and when should I be concerned. Also he was born at 37w1d if there is any relation

9 months is around the age when babies can get themselves into sitting, so if you’re waiting for this skill and everything else is on track then it’s ok to wait a bit and offer lots of floor time play so he can build his strength and figure out the steps to get himself up. Getting into sitting requires more strength for him to push up than he needs to get out of a sitting position so that’s pretty typical.

Using your legs or even a couch cushion to pull up onto is actually great because he’s figuring out what he’s supposed to do and using tools around him to get where he needs to be.

Here’s a great video from @Emily_Whigham_Heisey on her page kinesio_kids that might be helpful


Actually he pulls up on our legs and gets into sitting but not from the ground, so I guess he needs more practice

Absolutely. Give him some time to practice and he’ll likely get there on his own :relaxed:

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Hi, we have a whole playlist on youtube with sitting information. Hopefully there are some tips that are helpful! Sitting - YouTube