9 Month Army Crawling Expert


My daughter is 9 months, almost 10.
She army crawls like a pro. She alternates arms and legs and is very fast.

She can get into a quadruped position and rock but will go back to her belly to move.

She can climb over obstacles like our legs and can sit up on her own now, but she often uses a cushion or nearby object to help her. She just learned to do that this week.
She’s stable when sitting but sometimes falls over when trying to get out of a sitting position.

She kind of attempts to pull to stand sometimes but can only get her butt slightly off the floor. She can stand holding onto something for awhile, but depending on the object she sometimes leans forward onto the object for support (e.g will do this with her walker or activity table but not the baby gate)

Didn’t know if this was something worth looking into early intervention for.

Hi! Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like she has some really nice skills and from what you are describing she sounds to be on track. The falling getting out of sitting is ok, and the control comes as her body makes the natural adjustments. If you have stairs its a great way to work on coming up off the belly. Also playing in kneeling at a couch or stool or vertical surface (like a mirror) are all great things to help with strength!

Agreed with @Starfishtherapies that it sounds like your daughter has a lot of the skills needed, but has gotten really good at that army crawl. Giving her those opportunities to crawl over and up stairs,if you have them at home, are really good, also playing in a kneeling position as @Starfishtherapies described. Ultimately, giving the opportunities for strengthening is the most important.

In terms of EI, it’s likely she won’t qualify based on the skills she has already, but it’s a free evaluation in the states, so you can always call and see if the evaluator has any suggestions or notices anything in person that’s restricting her in any way.