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9 mo spitting out food

We’ve done a mix of BLW and purées with my daughter and she loves food! She’s eager and interested in trying new things. But girl chews, moves food around in her mouth for a bit, then moves it out with her tongue! She’s a mini food processor! She’s great with a straw cup and nursing so liquids are fine. And no coughing or choking with solids. Just spits them out. She’s happy and healthy and weight gain is NOT an issue. Any advice?

How old is your daughter? Is it possible she is just exploring the different textures and how her mouth muscles work? Also, how many days/weeks has she been eating solids?


I used BLW method on my LO too! Are you using the @feedinglittles course? They are a great resource!

Also, did she ever swallow solid foods? Maybe right now she’s teething or going through something else that’s making her uninterested in swallowing?

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She’s 9 months old. It’s very possible she’s exploring different textures but she’s been doing this for 3 months now (since we started solids). I guess I thought we’d be passed this stage already. I tried to attach a video to show but it says the format is not supported.

Hi @Ourgreatestadventure and welcome to the community! This is so interesting. Does she swallow any solids or does she do this with all? I’m wondering if it’s a taste preference. Does she show any signs of aversion as she’s chewing, like grimacing?