9 mo Hitch Crawling

Hi, my son is 9 months old and prefers to crawl on our hardwood floors on his right knee and left foot up, I’ve seen it called hitch crawling. When crawling on a family member’s carpet he will crawl on hands/knees or quadruped. When hitch crawling, he has his left foot up 90% but has performed with right foot up about 10% of the time. He at times will even utilize bear crawl to get around. He currently is pulling to stand, cruising furniture, and attempting to stand independently for 1-2 seconds before loss of balance. No history of torticollis and rolls both directions. I have tried various core/hip strengthening activities and have not seen any progress. Pediatrician checked hips and no hip dysplasia. I’m wondering if this is a sensory issue and he doesn’t like the feeling of the hard floor on his knees. Does this seem logical? Is there something I could do to desensitize to facilitate symmetrical quadruped crawling in our home?