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9.5 month old and crawling

My 9.5 month old has been army crawling for 1-2 months now. She gets on all fours and rocks back and forth and even crawls a little bit then drops on stomach and army crawls the rest of the way. She still doesn’t know how to transition to sitting (she almost gets there but doesn’t make it) because she mostly army crawls. Spends most of the time rolling and army crawling since she doesn’t know how to transition to sitting (she can sit independently if I set her down). Should I wait and see if she’ll switch to fully crawling on all fours and learn how to transition to sitting or see a PT?


The Crawligator might be an option for you to consider.
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The Crawligator is a safe and fun way to promote tummy time while allowing the child explore their world. Many pediatric physical therapist around the world are using the Crawligator in their practice and children’s hospitals.

Hi! I think it’s worth it to get a PT evaluation. Either they will tell you she’s on track or they’ll give you personalized ideas to help! Here is a post I did about some ideas to help get off the belly:

Also, having toys of various heights around and small stools or boxes for her to try to reach up for. Playing in kneeling is a great tool! Let me know if you have questions!