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8month old won’t bare weight

I was wondering if you had any tips for getting my 8 month old to put weight on his legs? He’ll do it for a second or two but not much. He sits up fine and even gets on his all 4s if I put him into position (isn’t crawling yet), but he will NOT put weight on those legs.

Hi @ansimmons!

In terms of your baby getting on all fours-you say he can’t get I got he position on his own. How is he in tummy time? Does he extend his arms and bring his legs under his hips or he just remains on his belly? Just want to get a sense of where he’s at.

Also, when you hold him on your lap and stand him up, does he put any weight through his legs onto yours?

You can try having him sit on the edge of your lap and reaching for toys or a snack in front of him on a coffee table to encourage small amounts of weight bearing to build up strength.

Here is a post from our Instagram account that you might find helpful:

Consulting with a local PT could be very helpful if you don’t see him weight bearing soon just to identify what the source of the problem is. Hopefully the activity in our post can help make a difference though. :blush:

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I just want to add, that 8 months is still young. If he’s not pulling to stand yet that’s ok, but it’s you’re noticing that he can’t bear any weight at all, it’s something to look into.

@Starfishtherapies @Tinytotspt @Giselle_Tadros @magicmomentstherapy any tips or thoughts on this?

@tots-allison When doing tummy time he can fully extend his arms but remains on his belly. He can spin all the way around like that though :joy:. He will bare weight for just a second or two if I try to stand him in my lap. I have a bouncer that he can stand in to play and he will do the same with that. But no prolonged amounts of time.

:raising_hand_woman:t2: Hi Jennifer here from @magicmomentstherapy.
Pushing up on extended arms while on belly is good! And pivoting around too :slight_smile: he should be able to bring his knees under his hips, and probably could with your help tucking his knees under him. Since he can hold all fours, see if you can get him to rock in all fours by gently moving him. (See latest video on my account) holding all fours is weight bearing through the legs.
Reaching forward while stool sitting or thigh sitting (feet on floor ) is another great introduction to weight through feet as Allison stated above! Can take it further by reaching forward and down to floor for even more weight through the legs.
The one thing I would recommend is taking him out of the bouncer./not using it. That is not helping him learn prolonged weight through his legs and could be teaching him those short bursts of weight through his legs . Give that a try for 4 weeks… no bouncer and if things don’t improve schedule a visit with a physical therapist for a wellness screening



Sorry I’m late to the game. I think all the suggestions below are great. I would just make sure you are working on floor time and have various heights around for him to try to play at. These can be toys that have a vertical or slanted component or small stools, etc. I would also try to limit time in the stander/bouncer because that can be contributing. Keep us posted on how things go!