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8M lost interest in crawling

My son has shown interest in crawling since about 6 months. He knows how to army crawl / roll around to get where he wants but as of about 2 weeks ago he is so fascinated with going into sitting position he doesn’t try to crawl anymore. He just goes into crawl positing and then shoots himself back to sit up. He lovesssss to sit up. Second to this he loves to pull himself up. Any tips / advice to encourage crawling and get him motivated again? We have tried toys / snacks but he just does the crawl position to sitting up and then gets upset. Thanks!!

Hey @Demarts! So it sounds like your baby was on the move pretty early and has all of a sudden discovered how to sit up. Sometimes when babies discover the new skill, they do it a million times-which is a good thing because they are practicing and working those muscles for that skill, so the fact that he enjoys getting into sitting and hanging out there isn’t a bad thing. The army crawl is a bit more “concerning” as I’d want to figure out the reason he can’t crawl on all fours.

You mentioned you’ve used toys and snack to motivate him to crawl? If you put them about 8-10 feet away, will he attempt to get the desired item (also making sure other desirable items aren’t in immediate reach)

If he continued to army crawl, it could be because of a weak core, weak hips, or weak (or a combination) that prevent him from holding that four point position.

Check out this post from a few days ago that will probably help you out also. And let me know if you have any further questions!

@tots-allison thanks so much for quick response! I read your thread you sent and that makes sense! My son started rocking on all 4’s just a little before 6 months and still does occasionally. After my message to you he did actually crawl 6 steps perfectly and then fell to his belly - I was proud! We have tried the towel trick and he doesn’t move and gets upset. I also tried the 8-10 ft away motivation with snack but he was distracted by objects closer to him. As I watched him closely tonight it seems like it could be the hips but I have no idea. He will get get on all fours, take one step and then get on belly, scoot, all fours, take a step, etc. in same pattern. His arms are always extended too, never on the forearms.

One other observation is he he will sometimes get in downward dog position and then fall into sitting up.

If there is anything else you can think of based on this info I am all ears. Thank you so so much!

I would try putting lots of low pillows around to encourage him to climb over. Another great trick is to position him over your leg so he has to climb over to move. This can really help a baby graduate from an army crawl to a four point.

Try that for 2-3 days and let me know if he’s getting the hang of it :relaxed:


I would also put motivating toys on a small box right in front of him and when he goes to reach for them in hands and knees slowly move it just a little bit away. You can also have his hands on a small toy and move that so that he moves the knees.

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