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8 months old motor questions

My 8 month old is not even trying to crawl. He was super tight and not eating his toes at 6-7 months so I had a PT friend look at him. He still had his startle reflex a little as well and wasn’t really rolling at that time. He could but wouldn’t do it often. We did stretches and exercise and the rolling has increased and the startle decreased. However, he can’t get himself to sit and I don’t think he can figure out how to crawl. He also stopped trying to hold his bottle. We try to place his hands on it and keep them there but it’s hit or miss if he keeps them there. I called EI and he is getting evaluated May 25th. I’m not sure he’ll qualify but figured it was worth a shot. Any suggestions or am I just a momma who sees too much into things? Thanks for any help.

Hi! Thanks for reaching out. I know the feeling about seeing too much (I was that way about speech with my little one!). Is he reaching for his toes now? Can he do hand and foot play? What is his tummy time like? I have so many questions! I think getting the EI eval is definitely the right call (even if it’s just for peace of mind). Will he reach while on his belly? Can he push up? I would have toys at varying heights and varying distances from him that he find really motivating. Work on playing and reaching at an elevated surface (like a step stool) and getting from belly up to it. These can help get onto hands and knees and increase movement motivation. From kneeling or hands and knees you can work on getting back into sitting. Sometimes I like to just take them through the movement to help them feel it and gradually they start doing it more. Does he get out of sitting on his own?

He reaches for his toes sometimes and will put them in his mouth. He does some hand and foot play. He definitely does not push up and doesn’t get himself out of sit. He reaches for toys and crosses midline to reach for them. I was thinking that the evaluator could help me teach him how to do this. I think if I helped move him and showed him how he can do it he’s be able to learn. He’s watched by his grandmother’s so they do a lot for him but if I tell them not to do something or what to do with him they are on board so that’s good.

Got it! Sounds like you have a champion sitter! I just did a post on this! And here are two videos with some ideas too.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help get you started.

Hey @Slpmomma! @Starfishtherapies has some great ideas on how to encourage movement in sitting!

I’m not sure where you are located, but in my state, EI evaluations are free and they do give some peace of mind. I had my son evaluated when was younger, and although he didn’t qualify, she was able to give me some tips on how to support his development.

How old is your son now? Typically, crawling is anywhere between 7-9 months and transitions in and out of sitting usually occur around 8 months.

Rolling can be a little tricky for some kids and I usually love to roll them in and out of tummy time, sometimes a few rolls in a row, so they can process the sensory input involved and also feel the motor plan of what’s expected. Pushing on extended arms (prone extension) while on the belly is a super important mini milestone that provides valuable strength for crawling. Keep prioritizing that floor time! :slight_smile:

Yes the videos were great and her little helper was our kiddo exactly. We have done the rolling with assistance and he was doing so much better with that. He’s very tight but has loosened up a bit but seems like we still need to work on hip flexibility. I showed the video to my husband as well so we’ll start trying some of those strategies.

Yes I’m hoping EI will help in NJ we pay based on our salary so like a sliding scale.

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