8 month old three leg crawl?

Hello! Thanks for providing this great space. I wonder if you could clear something up for me… my 7/8 month babe has rarely rolled belly2back; and because he now sits so well, when I place him on his tummy he just pushes himself into a seated position instead of floor rolling. Is this belly2back a key thing we have missed and need an intervention on, or can we let it go? He is trying to crawl but does “downward dog” instead of knees and his leg he uses to push back into sit now seems to be stopping his crawling attempts. He just “Quasimodo” crawls with that push-back leg trying to walk while with other leg has its knee on the ground! Rolls back2belly just fine. Thanks for any feedback you could offer!

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Hi there and welcome! Question regarding his back to belly roll… is he able to roll to both directions equally, or does he favor a side?

Thanks for the reply! He can roll back2belly both directions no problem. But he favours his right leg to push into sit no matter which direction, and that’s the leg that wants to “walk” when he tries to crawl.

He is happily putting weight on all his limbs on all fours and pulls to stand, bounces around and is happy to be play kneeling too. I feel guilty as I encouraged him to sit once I saw him roll back to belly and belly to back - I didn’t wait for him to become proficient :frowning: