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8 month old restless sleeper help please :-(

My 8 month old daughter has been waking frequently at night. She doesn’t cry too often but when she wakes, she chews on her sleep sack until she falls back asleep. Sometimes she will chew/play with her sleepsack for an hour before falling back asleep. This could happen 2/3/4 times a night. Is this normal? I feel like if I take the sleepsack off she will still chew on her onesie. She’s very oral. Could someone advise please! I feel like she is chronically tired from all these wakings and in turn making her very fussy all day long I feel so bad for her and just want her to be a happy little girl.

Her typical schedule is out of crib at 7am but usually awake at 6am.

Nap 1 9/9:30-11/11:30 (typically 2 hours)
Nap 2 2/2:30/4 (typically 1.45 to 2 hours)
Bedtime 7/7:15pm

She also has been turning on her stomach while sleeping and then sleeping in a face planted position making me worried she isn’t breathing (but she is). I should note she is low tone (mild) and going to therapy too. Is it normal for some kids to sleep with their face into the mattress and how can I help her learn to put her head to the side? Thanks for ANY advice about both issues! So incredibly thankful for this resource.

Hi! I’m so glad our community is helpful for you!
If your baby is able to roll both ways, we usually say that your baby will reflexively get out of a position that’s limiting breathing if the baby has the capacity to physically get out of it. So if she is able to roll back over then it’s probably fine.

They do make breathing sensors that can go under the mattress so if your baby stops breathing an alarm would go off. Would that help you feel more comfortable?

In regards to the oral input, does she take a paci? At 8 months, she should be able to reach around her crib so I used to put like 10 pacifiers in my baby’s’ cribs so they can reach for them throughout the night.

Do any of our amazing sleep consultant members have advice?
@DreamComeTrueSleep @ViaGraces @SleepSoundly @SleepCoachAshley

Just to add, still playing in tummy time to improve neck strengthening will also be beneficial for her in the crib. Is she just more comfortable with deep sensory input through her face? Especially if she’s very oral?
I don’t really know if that’s a thing, just throwing out the possibility.