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8 month old has frequent night wakings

My 8 month old was a great sleeper until she was about 4.5 months. Then she started frequently waking throughout the night (every 4 hours!) Her sleep improved a bit, but she would wake about 1.5 hours after being put to bed, then another 1.5-2 hours after that, then she would sleep for 6-7 hours until waking up for the day (early!) She recently started taking over an hour to fall asleep, then would continue the pattern above. Her daytime naps are inconsistent- sometimes 2 hours, sometimes 30 minutes. We would like to help her develop good sleep habits.
Thank you!

Hi! I have a few questions so that I can provide appropriate feedback. Does your child breastfeed or bottle feed? What time is she going to bed? Is she currently teething?

Sleep consultant here! It sounds like the 4 month regression hit your daughter’s sleep pretty hard and it’s been a challenge since then! At 8 months old, an “ideal schedule” is two naps a day, looking something like:

7 wake up
9:45-11:15 nap 1
2:15-3:45 naps 2
7 bed time

I tell the families I work with that everyone, adults and kids alike, experience natural wake ups throughout the night as we slip in and out of sleep cycles. As adults, however, we generally don’t even remember them because we know how to fall back asleep. For babies and kids, however, who still need help falling asleep at naps or bedtime, they wake up looking for that same help to get back to sleep. So this is a great time to teach her independent sleep skills so she can fall asleep independently and connect those sleep cycles through the night without needing assistance!

Thank you both so much for your responses!

@Speechwithjwo She is breastfeeding, goes to bed around 7PM, and has been teething for quite awhile; just cut her first tooth about 3 days ago.

@ViaGraces Thank you so much! We would love for her to sleep until 7! Do you have any suggestions for how we can help her?

It’s all about learning to fall asleep independently :slight_smile: There are a few different “sleep training” methods proven to work, so I’d definitely suggest going one of those routes! I work with families one-on-one and walk you through a personalized sleep plan, as well as support you the two weeks you’re implementing it, to make sure we’re best supporting your baby and her needs. If you’d like to chat more about what that looks like I’d love to hop on the phone with you (free, of course!!) and chat more!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much @ViaGraces and @Speechwithjwo for your responses! :heart: