8 month old crawling “wrong”

My 8 month is crawling with 1 knee & 1 foot and cruising (walking on his own while holding onto the couch or a toy) and trying to stand on his own (he lets go of our fingers often). I’m afraid his leg (hip? Etc) muscles aren’t going to be developed enough. Do I need to get him to crawl with both knees down? And if so, how? If I gently hold onto his knee he puts in the air, I can get him to crawl with it down, but I can’t just do that all day. Lol. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @RuthC! Welcome to our community!

I think you’re describing a 3 point crawl and because crawling is so important for developing the muscles throughout the body (shoulders, hands, core, hips), we really want baby to crawl symmetrical to avoid tightening certain muscles and not allowing all the muscles to strengthen easily.

If you’re able to help him crawl symmetrically, you definitely can’t do that all day, but you can try to do it at certain times of the day to help him feel how typically crawling should be and strengthen his muscles evenly. If you can designate certain times that you can stick to, that could be really helpful.

If you don’t see improvement, I would recommend seeing a local pediatric PT to make sure there’s no underlying tightness that’s inhibiting movement and offer personalized tips to help see that progress.

@Starfishtherapies @Tinytotspt @PTinAtlanta @BreeMilani @OT.ideas.for.littles @OTRoxx9984 @PT4kidz80 @PTJulie, do you have any tips to help this mama out?

Thank you for your response! I will try doing that with him daily. I have also called our local pediatric therapist and am requesting a telehealth visit. I’m hoping they will make the exception and do that, as we can’t go in right now to an actual therapy place. I hope it’s not too late! He won’t be crawling for very much longer, so I hope we can fix it soon.

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Also crawling over soft surfaces like a big pile of pillows under a sheet or a crash pad or beanbag chairs can be helpful.

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